Letters From Jane Austen

Xandra the Witch

A reading experience that's part book club, part heroine's journaling.

Embark on your own Jane Austen heroine's journey through weekly digital letters. Ready to read along with me?

This Jane Austen experience includes:

  • Weekly digital letters from me, each one corresponding to a few chapters of the novel
  • Contemporary context through commentary and Taylor Swift song pairings
  • 'Write Back Soon’ prompts to engage with the novel through your own reflections
  • Audiobook readings for each letter
  • Ebook compilation of all letters

or, enjoy all six novels, for a special box set discount! This 'pre-order' option grants you immediate access to currently published ebooks, and will begin your weekly digital letters with Northanger Abbey. Ebooks for the final two novels will be delivered upon completion, and all digital letters will be delivered by email within one year. 

For Gifts: Yes, I can arrange for you to gift Letters From Jane Austen to someone else! When you check out, please note that this is a gift, and I'll email you to set up the digital delivery for your special recipient.

FAQs and more: heroinetraining.com/jane

I want this!

Letters From Jane Austen

I want this!