Letters From Jane Austen

A reading experience that's part book club, part heroine's journaling.

Embark on your own Jane Austen heroine's journey through a PDF compilation of digital letters.

This Jane Austen experience includes:

  • Digital letters from me, each one corresponding to a few chapters of the novel
  • Contemporary context through commentary and Taylor Swift song pairings
  • 'Write Back Soon’ prompts to engage with the novel through your own reflections

Choose your novel, or, enjoy all six novels.

Xandra Sunglim Burns is writer and founder of the Northanger Abbey-inspired personal blog Heroine Training. She followed her love of literature to Exeter College, Oxford, where she read English Literature, focusing on Jane Austen. Her writing, literary tea parties, and personal development programmes have been featured in The Guardian and the San Francisco Chronicle. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Glorious! Xandra cleverly highlights certain aspects of the story and characters most relevant to a heroine in training. Getting the letters each week encouraged me to carve a little more time out of each day to indulge in reading . Is there anything as sumptuous as the first reading of a Jane Austen novel?! Cast your mind back; it’s truly wonderful." - Sara

“Letters from Jane Austen is a fun way of deepening your understanding of Austen’s novels. Xandra’s thoughts helped me to place some of the characters and their relationships, and each letter gave me something new to consider as I worked my way through the novel.” - Amy

"Each letter is carefully crafted with words that are wise and yet so relatable. It’s quite like having tea with Jane Austen herself." - Erin

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Letters From Jane Austen

I want this!